Thursday, June 15, 2017

Woodhus Slough flowers, June

The fields where in the winter we look for trumpeter swans in pools surrounded by drowned and frozen grasses, where in late fall mushrooms red, purple, white, dot the forest floor, are now glowing with masses of flowers, mostly yellow.

Gold star, Crocidium multicaule, with fool's onion and wild rose leaves.

A small guide to this spot, Woodhus Slough, published in 1995, gives the blooming time for these as early spring: March through April. We looked for them this year in April, but there were none to be found. They're running a full month late.

The white flowers above are fool's onion:

Triteleia hyacinthina. Not an onion. The midvein is a purplish blue.

We also found a few Hooker's onions:

Allium acuminatum. This is an onion, edible, but not common, so should be left alone.

Note: a couple of weeks ago, I put my pocket camera down on a picnic table and the wind grabbed it and threw it on the cement slab, and now it doesn't work. I've dug out my old underwater pocket camera, an 8 year old model; these photos were trial shots. Not too bad for the cheapest of the old underwater cameras. This one's supposed to be shockproof, too; I wish it had been the one caught by the wind.


  1. Brodiaea / triteleia are one of my favorites. Further south the central vein on the petals have a slightly bluer blush

  2. I often wonder why flowers are the colours they are - because clearly, it is not for our benefit! At night the moths and other insects often gather on the white blossom, especially in the spring months.

    1. I have noticed that, even on a dark night, the white flowers are visible when all the coloured ones are invisible.

    2. And I think that explains some of the blossoms - but why are gentians purple, or poppies red? Just pondering.

    3. Is there ever a "because"?


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