Friday, June 16, 2017

Flipping wings

A four-legged crane fly dropped in for a visit, or maybe a place to rest and lick her wounds. Instead, I chased her from bathroom wall to tub to window, trying to get a photo of her pretty wings.

On the window. She's missing two left legs. 

On a glass box full of shells.

I hadn't noticed before; look at the wings. She doesn't just flap them; they also rotate. In the top photo, the leading edge, the one with the stiff ribs, is towards the back. On the box, it's now towards the front.

On a glass bottle. Leading rib is towards the front again.

And then I took pity on her and let her rest. In the morning, she had moved on.

(I know she's female because of the old-fashioned pen nib tip to her abdomen, the ovipositor.)

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  1. I have never looked closely at these crane flies before. Great photos. cheers, have a great weekend.


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