Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Scrambled jelly

The lion's mane jellies are floating in with the tide this week. On the shore at Oyster Bay, I passed a dozen in as many minutes. This one was tumbling in a mass of seaweed fragments: eelgrass, sea lettuce, Turkish towel, sargassum, rockweed and kelp, all scrambled together: as the waves rolled in at dusk; not the best opportunity for a photo, but you never know.

I saturated the colours a bit, because of the fading light, and this turned out:

Looks like an abstract painting.

It's jelly season: I collected water for the aquarium tonight, and dozens of tiny cross jellies came with it. My anemones were eating them, last time I looked.


  1. I like this and I'd quite like to see what came "straight from the camera" as well.We're far too warm for Lions Manes down here!

  2. Straight from the camera, the photo was dark, almost uniformly dark; I was on the shady side of the rocks, under heavy cloud cover, at dusk. I didn't use flash: I don't like what it does to colours and wet highlights. I shoot in RAW, so there is enough data to lighten photos up considerably when the light is deficient; usually that's about it, besides a bit of tweaking to eliminate noise, cropping, and spot removal. On this one, lightening it up diluted the colours too much, so I re-saturated them.

    1. I mostly just take several, delete the duds and sometimes (when I have time) fiddle a little.But am not at present shooting in RAW as it gobbles up too much space.And time.Those Lions Manes look a bit like some of my paint mixes!


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