Sunday, May 14, 2017

It's Mother's Day. There should be flowers.

It's mid-May, and our early spring flowers are finally appearing. These are black twinberry flowers. The fruits should be ready by July, although new buds will still be appearing until the cold weather sets in.

Lonicera involucrata, on Tyee Spit. Two yellow flowers hang together under each pair of fused, red bracts.

Flower buds. The berries will be dark, glossy purple, also in pairs.

The berries are attractive, even appetizing, but they are extremely bitter; some say they are poisonous. I'm not about to experiment.

Changing the topic: Help!

I've been told that the photos on my blog take too long to load. I tested on a tablet, and found one that took forever. Have you noticed this problem?

For this post, I down-sized the photos to 1/3 their original size. Do you notice any difference in the quality?


  1. No problem loading and quality is fine.But I'm on a laptop;I know some people who view on phones say things take ages.

  2. I have had no trouble on my PC with cable connection ( USA)

  3. I've seen twinberry plants in the Powell River backcountry. I've never had picture loading problems, but I only use a laptop when I'm in town with high speed Internet. I did try connecting via my iPhone using wifi and the pictures took only seconds to load. - Margy

    1. Thanks, Margy. I'll stop worrying, then.


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