Monday, May 15, 2017

Tiny, tiny. Tinier.

On a weedy playing field, cropped close, many miniature plants were in flower below the mower line. I collected one entire plant and brought it home. It was, roots to flower heads, less than an inch tall.

The entire plant, with roots. I planted it in a clamshell.

I set the plant in a sunny window and kept it watered for a few weeks. It never grew any larger. The flowers shrivelled, and didn't produce seeds; my window seems to be lacking in pollinators.

It looks like one of the cresses; the basal rosette and flowers are like that of the Little Western Bitter-cress, but that one grows from 4 to 18 inches tall. The hairy leaves look like those of Field Pennycress, up to 20 inches tall.

I needed a magnifying glass, or the camera lens, to appreciate the flowers.

White, pink, and yellow bouquet.

Ant-level view. Small ant, of course.

And to think that I must have stepped on hundreds of these flowers walking across the field!

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  1. Kind of like the tiny monkeyflowers I found on the granite cliff. - Margy


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