Saturday, May 20, 2017

Everything but the kitchen sink

It's that time of year; everything's budding, leafing out, blooming, running, multiplying. And so are my "to be posted later" photos. Before I start processing today's batch (and what a day it has been!), here are this month's holdovers, in no particular order.

New cones on fir spruce, Tyee Spit.

Pollen cones, on pine. Myrt Thompson trail.

Unidentified moss, Elk Falls.

Another view of that moss.

Lichen and moss on a rock face, Upper Campbell Lake

Hyacinth in a dark corner of my garden.

Purple dead-nettle, Lamium purpureum. These are astonishingly pink, growing in large patches along Tyee Spit. Later in the season, they'll be greener.

Service berry, aka Saskatoon. They're in bloom wherever the sunlight reaches.

Crimson clover, Trifolium incarnatum. I saw only two of these along the Myrt Thompson trail. When I returned, on my way home, they were gone. I hope the roots remained.

One of many small waterfalls, plunging down the cliffs near Upper Campbell Lake.

Unusual cliff formation. 

Water seeps through the bore holes, made for the dynamite that blasted out the space for a highway. I've been corrected: the holes might be geophysical tests of the lava rock magnetic orientation. Highway 28

Unnamed mini-lake beside the highway. The camera could not record the calls of early red-wing blackbirds.

A wolf spider, running. These are common on the upper beach, but are always running. And they're fast! I chased this one until he was tired. So was I.


  1. You never give up for a good picture, that's for sure. The water seeping out of the drilled holes reminds me of our granite "weeping wall." The fissures are deep enough to let rainwater drip out for days after a storm, and they get the same algae trails. - Margy

  2. Beautiful green time of year!


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