Thursday, December 22, 2016

Standing tall

I've been taking photos of trees as I wander about, whenever I can catch one off on its own. Here are a few of them, in grey winter light.

Bare deciduous trees:

In grey light and melting snow. Oyster Bay.

One crow. Oyster Bay

Silhouette against mid-day light. Oyster Bay Nature Preserve.

Sunset, from Jubilee Parkway.

Same two as the silhouette, but from the far side, on a slightly warmer day. With crows.

Alder, Tyee Spit.

And evergreens:

Growing tips. Buttle Lake

On the shores of Upper Campbell Lake

Tyee Spit

Loaded with cones.Oyster Bay.

A Skywatch post.

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  1. I have a fascination for lone trees, too! Yours are great to see. Love the little crow. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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