Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Colour sampler

I am so organized! (And a serious procrastinator.) I have an entire folder of photos, each small group in their own folders, labelled, resized, and sharpened, ready to post, but "later". Photos that someday I'll have a use for. The folder is named "Hold for blog," and it moves forward from year to year.

I went to add another few photos a couple of days ago, and realized that now the folders filled the whole screen, and I had to scroll down to find the end. Time to use them, and/or downsize.

A bit of both. I deleted half, and here's the first instalment of the ones I decided to use.


Blue and cerise: back door of Sybil Andrews' Cottage on a rainy afternoon.

Green and white: tiny flowers in a ditch.

Green, pink and yellow: garden, Strathcona Park Lodge.

Red and green: unidentified tree, down the street from home.

Orange: rotting stump.

Rainbow garden: marine worms, under the Campbell River docks.

More worms and sponges.

Red, grey, green: Val, my survivalist anemone, in the aquarium.

Green: Woodhus Creek, from the top of a cliff.

Mostly green: I call this "Dirty window bokeh." Blame it on Chia; I did wash that window, not so long ago!

More coming up, tomorrow. Water transport.


  1. I have so many picture that are just waiting for stories to be written. I love to capture shots to remember all the good times. - Margy


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