Monday, May 02, 2016

While the sun shines

The morning sun is high enough these days to reach my kitchen window and bounce its light off the wall back towards the aquarium for a few minutes; I took advantage of it to get some quick photos with natural light.

First shot. I didn't even bother to turn off the pump; no time to waste. Three anemones, an oyster, red and green seaweeds.

Sun shining through the tentacles of a little pink-tipped anemone.

The second pink-tipped anemone, with barnacles.

The burrowing anemone, reaching towards the light. She always wears this collar of red seaweed these days, and it's usually hiding a fair collection of neighbours; hermits, copepods, sometimes a crab, snails, worms, isopods, and limpets. Can you see the hermit? And the three strands of snail poop?

This rockweed isopod was poking around on the far side of the tank. There are two of them; I don't know how or when they arrived.

Limpet working on new growth on the glass. (I had scrubbed it well the night before, but algae grow quickly.)

And then the sun climbed over the roof and left the tank in dim light again.


  1. I was thinking about your tank the other dat and wondered if you altered the light cycle through the year.

    1. I have one small light that is on a timer, but there's another that I switch on and off, more or less following my schedule. And then there's the light from the window; long days in the summer, very short in the winter.

  2. You tank is doing very well, and your natural light pictures really show it off. - Margy


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