Friday, April 15, 2016

Gull assortment

Gulls are gulls, wherever they are. On the beaches at Mazatlan, or on the beaches here at home, they do gull things; hanging around looking for handouts, cleaning up leftovers on the sand, arguing and occasionally screeching at some imagined injustice, catching a breeze far overhead and riding it.

But the Mazatlecos are dressed differently; they're not the species mix I'm used to.

Here's a sampler, some I can identify, more that I can't.

This one's easy; an adult ring-billed gull. White head, yellow legs and bill, with a black ring near the tip.

Youngsters? But what species? I think that's a fish fin that the one on the right is carrying.

Another easy one. Adult Heerman's gull. Red beak, sooty body, white head, black legs.

A Heerman's, two unidentified youngsters, and a yellow-billed, pink-legged big gull. Glaucous? Herring? Both have been sighted in Mazatlan.

And there was the brown one walking with pelicans in yesterday's post.

Black legs, greyish bill.

At least the pelicans are easy to identify.

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  1. "screeching at some imagined injustice"...couldn't get more accurate than that.


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