Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry C and sad tree.

Christmas day turned out sunny and warm (although the puddles were covered with thick ice, and the side hill roads were treacherous); all the beaches, the sea walk, and the beach-side coffee shop, were swarming with people and their dogs, out for a pre-Christmas dinner appetite-raising exercise, maybe.

I drove south to Saratoga Beach, where I found this message in the sand.

Merry C, with long blue shadow fringe. I couldn't get high enough to capture the rest in one photo.

On the way back, I stopped to look at an eagle on a little tree.

Poor tree! It's almost a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Scrawny, bare. lopsided. And then this miserable, heavy eagle stands on the tip and bends it right over.

And there's his mate, half hidden, stressing out a side branch.

I took these photos through the windshield, then got out of the car to see if I could get around the far side to see the bottom eagle, just barely above my head height. I took one step, and they both flew away.

But at least the tree got some relief.

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  1. Merry C! That is a scrawny tree with two very big beautiful eagles. Beautiful photos.


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