Thursday, December 03, 2015

Make it a double

Crabs, when they find transportable food, grab and run; they don't hang around in case another crab mugs them for their catch. They take their food back into hiding under a shell or a dark corner of seaweed, and eat it there.

Hermit crabs, on the other hand, take their time, poking around, seeing how much they can gather (or steal) before they settle down to eat. This grainy hand hermit has collected two pellets, and has been cruising back and forth in the feeding area, looking for more.

"I still have two pincers free; I can handle at least two more nuggets!"

When he's got all he can carry, he'll climb the eelgrass with it; hermits like dining rooms with a view.


  1. Makes me think of an old rhyme my dad would say at night, "Put on the pot" said Greedy Gut,"We'll sup before we go." - Margy

  2. I remember that one! Can't remember how it started, though.


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