Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The spiderlings have left the nest!

Pioneer. The first out of the nest, at 9:30 in the morning.

One other spiderling joined him this morning, and they wandered about, stringing their tiny silk threads behind them. The others, more timid, waited until well after nightfall to brave the big new world out there.

10 PM. Spreading out, looking for an exit from the box.

They're lining up along the join between walls of the box. I don't think they can get through the gap, but they're trying.

These babies are not behaving like other spiderlings I've watched; usually, they hang together in a cluster for quite some time after they leave the egg sac. These are individualists from the moment they break free.

About half of them are still keeping cosy in their silk blanket. Homebodies.

The eggs in the second egg sac are on their way; I can see a hint of little legs in there now.

Egg sac # 2. Smaller, but fertile.

There's a third egg sac in the line-up, too. Brownie's not leaving anything to chance.

I'll move the box to a sheltered spot outside tomorrow, and crack the door open a bit. I don't really want the whole tribe settling down in my kitchen.


  1. I was wondering about that. I don't think I would want hundreds of spiders in my house at one time either. Love your pictures as always.

  2. They are as cute as can be! (Is it okay to think spiders are cute?)

    1. The big ones can be pretty. Or beautiful. Or scary. But the 'lings are just plain cute. Always.


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