Wednesday, November 25, 2015

5:09 PM

It gets dark early these days, here at the 50th parallel north. Driving home this afternoon, I had to stop near Oyster Bay to look at the moon. It was only a few minutes after 5 o'clock. Sunset was at 4:27 PM.

Taken with the little pocket Sony, using the car as tripod.

The hints of pink at the top of the hills are snowy mountain peaks on the mainland, lit by a full moon.


  1. Oh, that's lovely! Interestingly, though you are 10 degrees further north than me (near New York), you must be a lot further west in your time zone, as your sun only sets 7 minutes before mine. Which got me looking, and your sunrise is 54 minutes later. yikes.

  2. We are on a short vacation down in Los Angeles and I'm surprised that it starts getting dark at about 5:30. When I lived here ten years ago I don't remember the days getting that short. And we have a little less than a month before the shortest day. The hours of direct sun at the cabin will get down to about two hours on December 21. But then it's all uphill from there. - Margy


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