Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Precarious crossing

I've arrived safely in Bella Coola; it's been an adventurous drive, including a side trip well off the beaten track, following garbled instructions down unmapped roads.

I gave this bit of road at Spences Bridge a miss, even though it's still on my maps. The sign on the highway said only, "Old bridge closed".

Old Spences Bridge, crossing the Fraser River

I've got oodles of photos and stories to tell, now that I have electricity and internet access for a few days; scenery, rocks (not flippable), animals tiny and big, etc. No bears, yet; I'm going to look for some tomorrow.


  1. you reminded me of Rock Flipping Day; which is how I found your blog many years ago, but now I've forgotten when it is: Did I miss it? I hope not!

    Love the "closed" bridge.Good thing you didn't attempt it.

  2. Sara,
    No, you didn't miss it; it's the 13th of September.

  3. Looking forward to your journey saga.

  4. That's hilarious story. We made our first stop there last Fri. night and saw that point....oh they used to be a bridge there!


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