Thursday, August 27, 2015

Least chipmunk

So tiny, and so perky! The Least Chipmunk weighs 66 grams or less, and can run at almost 8 kph. Wherever I stopped for more than a few minutes in the Chilcotin, I met up with one or more.

On the side of the road near Cache Creek

... least chipmunks are commonly found in sagebrush habitats and coniferous woodland, and along rivers, but they also occur in alpine meadows, and on the edges of the northern tundra. (Wikipedia)

A breakfast of rose hips. Near Tatla Lake.

Rose hips; tomorrow's breakfast

(I've been using the pocket camera on the road. And the laptop's iffy screen for processing, so the photos may be too bright or too dark; I can't really tell until I get home.)

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