Thursday, July 02, 2015

Hope your Canada Day ...

... was as good as mine!

The tide was low near noon again, and the sun was scorching. I joined the streams of people heading out to the border marker in the middle of Boundary Bay. I didn't quite make it; the water was still a bit out of my depth, carrying a dry-land camera. But I plowed through eelgrass beds, thigh-deep, until the tide was at its lowest, then returned to the marker.

Where I met Tim, who blogs at Think Big - No, Even Bigger. He had come out to see how the starfish are doing, and incidentally, to see if I was there. Once he'd made it to the marker and taken a few photos with his underwater camera (see his post on TBNEB, with video), he walked back with me to the shore a kilometre away.

He has sharp eyes; he saw a big anemone in the shadow of the eelgrasses, where all I could see was a dark splotch. It was anchored on an empty clamshell, so I brought it home and settled it in the tank. It seems happy enough.

Plumose anemone, Metridium senile

Standing tall, about three inches. Fully grown, it can reach well over twice that.

These anemones come in a variety of colours, from white to yellow to orange or brown. Wikipedia adds pink, grey and olive green, which I don't remember ever seeing. Tim has photos from the border marker, underwater; the ones there are pure white, pale beige, green, or a deep, reddish brown. (Go look.)

As usual, there were hitchhikers. I'll tell you about these later on. After I've finished with the photos of the drenched ten-lined June beetle.

And thanks, Tim!


  1. Thanks Susannah, I had a great day as well! Looking forward to seeing the "hitchhikers", as there was at least one that eluded your identification. The anemone looks beautiful...but sounds like it could become a monster at full size. Time for a bigger tank? :)

  2. Time for a bigger tank? That was the first thing I thought this morning when I saw it. Of course, right now it's full of fuzzy eelgrass, so it does look a bit crowded. The hermits think it's just fine that way.

    The "spider" turned out to be a very small, dark crab, very leggy, and too small to identify as to species without hurting it. So now it's in the tank, growing, I hope.

    But there were other hitchhikers, as well.


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