Monday, July 20, 2015

Empty shells

From my tank:

All that's left of my bubble shell snails

Bubble shells thrive in my tank, in season and out. They go on mating and laying more and more egg masses all winter and well into the spring. But eventually they get tired, they get careless and let the current take them where it will; right into the hungry maw of the big anemone. A day later, she spits out the empty shell, and if I find it before it's crushed, I save it, just because it's beautiful.

And from various beaches:

Assorted clam shells. I can't resist collecting these miniatures.

The pink shells are Macomas, mostly from Boundary Bay and Iona Beach. The yellow ones, also Macomas, are rarer; I found these at Iona Beach, where there were vast numbers tossed up on the sand just above the tide line.

They are as delicate as they look. The stained one, beneath, is a different species.

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