Sunday, June 14, 2015

Greedy pig!

The hermit crabs have eaten all the fuzzy eelgrass, and the aquarium is bare. I'll bring home more goodies in a couple of days, but meanwhile, I've given them their winter substitute; dried shrimp pellets. All my critters love these, but they do bring out the worst character traits.

Like greed. And dog-in-the-mangerism. And outright thievery.

The second largest hermit. Doesn't answer to Tex.

If you look closely, you can see that he is holding two shrimp pellets, one that he's chewing on, and the second held in his extra mouthparts for later. Other hermits approach him, asking for a taste, but he flashes out that big pincer and knocks them backwards. He's not sharing.

Furthermore, ...

"I want it all!"

Now he has three pellets; one in his mouth, one held beneath, and one in his smaller pincer. He rolled another hermit to get this one, yanked it out of the other's mouth. And he's not sharing this, either.

Except ...

"Stop, thief!"

While he was busy chasing away another hungry hermit, this little guy snuck up underneath him and stole his third lunch. He made a run for it, dragging the food beneath him, but only made it about four inches before he was captured, rolled, and the shrimp pellet confiscated.

And Tex retired to a handy clamshell with all three pellets, to eat at his leisure. The others will have to wait for his crumbs.

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