Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Barnacles on his knees

Beauty yesterday; the beast today.

The largest hermit crab in my aquarium is a hairy, shaggy, scruffy, awkward old geezer. He's far too big for the shells he wears, so his back feet, there to hold the shell in place, hang out, uselessly. And his main pincer is too big, again, to be used. He drags it along the ground, a dead weight doubled underneath him.

And he has barnacles on his back.

"Barney", with his right pincer curled back, and the tiny holding leg dangling.

Three good-sized barnacles, and a couple of tiny ones, along his waist. It looks like he's growing seaweed on his back, too.

More barnacles on his knees and ankles.

The shell he was wearing for the photo shoot also has barnacles and a two-tentacled worm, to boot. Today's shell is a bit larger, and black. He changes his shell every day; he likes variety. And when you're twice as big as your competition, you get to choose any shell you want, occupied or not.

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