Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Making my way along the side of the hill in the vacant lot, I pushed through a thicket of broom and found myself face to face with a pretty stink bug. But by the time I'd pointed the camera his way, he was on the far side of the branch. And no matter how I manoeuvred, bending the plant, crawling underneath, squeezing into a gap on the far side, twisting the branches, twisting myself, he was always on the far side of every twig or branch.

Probably the red-backed stink bug, Banasa dimidiata. I never got even a glimpse of his back. That's a small weevil on this side.

A more typical view of this obstinate creature. Only one claw in focus.

A little snail, more co-operative, probably because he's asleep.

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