Saturday, October 18, 2014


I brought in a begonia leaf to give my caterpillars some variety in their diet, and found a tiny red and yellow spider on the underside. Two days later, the caterpillars had remodelled the spider's home, adding windows and a door.

And look what was inside!

Spiderlings behind a web curtain

And looking out the window.

Mother and baby. Mommy is 1/2 centimetre long.

The remains of the leaf,, with spiders and aphid.

Watching over her brood.

UPDATE: She's a cobweb spider, Enoplognatha ovata, form redimita. Her spiderlings will overwinter in the leaf litter, so I'll put their leaf back under the begonia where I found it.


  1. Such a pretty Mom!!! I don't think I have ever seen a spider with a red stripe like that...
    I love the babies!!!

  2. One day I looked out the bedroom window to see it covered in baby spiders. Mom must have laid her eggs along the sill just outside. I was glad it was on the outside, I'm not as tolerant (and brave) as you are. - Margy


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