Friday, October 17, 2014

Aquarium assortment

These photos of tank critters have been piling up in a corner, over the past month or so. They're all from Boundary Bay; some only temporary residents in my tank, some that look like they're planning to stay.

Zebra leaf slug, Phyllaplysia taylori. It hung around for a couple of weeks, then disappeared when the eelgrass rotted. *UPDATE: He showed up this morning, alive and well.

Barnacles on a clam shell

Tunicates on eelgrass blade.

Three of the Leafy Hornmouth snail hatchlings, pinhead size.

Egg case of bubble shell snails. They lay one or two of these a week. I've never seen babies.

I think this is another orange striped green anemone; the orange stripes often fade, possibly depending on the diet that week.

A new anemone, unidentified, on sea lettuce.

The newest anemone, on a blade of eelgrass. One of the brooding anemones, like those I found a year ago. It may not survive; they do not tolerate exposure to air, and I found it on the beach.


  1. Amazing creatures. Amazing that you managed to take their pictures.

  2. Anemones are so delicate. The zebra leaf slug is really quite beautiful. - Margy


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