Sunday, October 19, 2014

Find the spider

It's been a while since I visited our vacant lot across the street. It's almost a small forest now, with a small clearing in the centre, half underwater. And I've come back with a stack of photos; weeds and seeds, skies and water, human leftovers, and some interesting critters. Skies tomorrow, I think.

For now, here's a hiding spider. I turned over a board under a stand of alders by the creek, and there was her messy web, and a flash of brown as she raced for cover. She's in the photo: can you find her?

Yes, there she is.

Now do you see her?


  1. I am usually pretty good at these but I did not spot her. Once I knew, she was right there , of course.

    That sowbug ... is it strong enough to avoid a web?

  2. I had to look for the glint in her eye...but once I saw her, I couldn't not see her.


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