Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dinner on the lawn

My lawn is half native weeds, half moss, half invasives, and a sprinkling of grass*. And, in season, mushrooms.

Reddish brown, glossy 'shroom. But what's that on the stalk?

A hungry slug. There are slug holes in the cap, too.

*Three halves and a sprinkling add up to one whole. The categories overlap.


  1. Your healthy natural lawn is a great thing. The unnatural pure grass,heavily weeded, seeded, fed and pesticided, over watered surface is not our environments friend.

    I am spending the morning pulling Scots broom and excited to find the little mushrooms and bugs that lurk at this time of year.

    Stay cozy. Winds a comming.

  2. Slugs won't leave anything alone. Nature knows better than we do about what will grow and thrive. - Mary


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