Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another mystery solved - I think

Last December, looking at the limpets on the walls of my aquarium, I noticed a long, worm-like thing wrapped around its neck. I couldn't identify it; nor could my helpful commenters.

Original photo, from "No end to mysteries".

And then, a month later, I posted a second "worm", which turned out, instead to be a limpet's gill.

Limpet gill, from "The mystery deepens", and "One down, one to go"

Since then, I've been watching limpets closely. I've seen the gills many times, but there's still that long neck-scarf "worm" to identify.

I think I've found it!

That's no worm!

I think it's limpet poop!

Do you agree?


  1. LOL! I love it! sure looks like poop now.

  2. Ha! Ha! I bet it is poop. Snail poop looks a lot like that. Thanks for a chuckle.

  3. Oh of course LOL. Just like some of the ropes my Platy fish make.

    How socially awkward, though

  4. The funny thing is that if you asked anyone under the age of 10, "poo!" would have been their first guess.

  5. Next time, I'll try to think like a kid!


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