Monday, June 16, 2014

A bit past their prime

The lupins in Elgin Heritage Park last week were "a bit past their prime," I said. That wasn't quite fair to them; it all depends what we consider their purpose to be. Sure, some of the flowers were dead, others were losing their shape and colour, but the plants were still hard at work towards their goal, producing seed.

Hairy, immature seed pods and the remains of flowers.

The pods will be dry, brown, and rattly before they're done. They'll split open then, scattering dried "peas" to start the next generation.

And there's more going on:

There's still pollen for the bees . . .

and sap for fat, grey aphids.

There are still oodles of new stalks, with hundreds of flowers each, dying at the bottom, still budding at the tip.

Second-growth tip, just getting started.

Past its prime? Not even there yet!


  1. New Brunswick's favorite invasive alien!

  2. I wish we had lupins here in Ontario!!! I would love to watch them through the seasons!!!


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