Sunday, May 25, 2014

Secret Garden assortment

The Secret Garden this spring is a bit bedraggled, but still beautiful. It has been a tough winter for gardens, and this one, mostly shaded like mine, would have frozen harder and deeper than most, and thawed more slowly, with each round of extreme temperature changes causing more damage to already weakened plants. I lost several winter-hardy plants, and I noticed gaps in the Secret Garden's plots. A good summer should make up for it.

Here's the first batch of my photos, a half dozen in no particular order.

Akebia vine, hanging over the gate.

The Akebia vine comes originally from Korea and Japan. In its usual form, with dark red flowers, it is known as the Chocolate Vine. The white-flowered variety is less common.

The vine produces a sausage-shaped fruit, with a mildly sweet central section. The outer casing has been used as a vegetable, although it is said to have a slightly bitter flavour.

Some pinkish flowers, some white.

Caterpillar on a sunny rock

One of the ferns, freshly unfolded.

Sleeping stone Buddha. Tired out from drumming?

I photographed this tulip centre because I loved the colour. I didn't notice the fly peeking out from the side until later.


  1. Lovely photos. Where is this wonderful place?

  2. It's in Beach Grove, on the east side of Tsawwassen, in BC's Lower Mainland. If you get that far, ask one of the locals; it can't be found on the map, or even from the closest street without a pointer.


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