Monday, May 26, 2014

Rainy day companions, naughty and nice

Laurie brought me a big, black ground beetle, and a medium brown spider. And it was raining, so I dropped everything and set up my bug photo booth.

The beetle was having none of it. He escaped three times, refused the nice, damp bark I'd found for him, turned up his nose at the leaf, knocked over the plastic box I tried to contain him in, kept his back to the camera, and kept running, running, running.

I got one semi-decent photo.

Catching his breath between escape attempts.

The spider, though, what a little sweetie! She sat on my paper towel and stared at the camera. When I turned the towel to get a side view, she stretched her legs a bit, then sat there, where I'd put her. If she could have, she'd have smiled. Does showing off your humunguous fangs count as a smile?

Twinkly eyes and hairy fangs

Side view. Composite photo, because she was too long for all of her to be in focus.

When I was done, I put them both outside, near the door out of the rain. The beetle, ornery critter that he is, just sat there for half an hour. Ma Fangs took off running and was out of sight in an instant. Things to do, places to go.

Thanks for your time, Ma Fangs!


  1. Nice shots , she seems very compliant!

  2. Laurie bringing you bugs made me think of my old boyfriend from high school. He went to Vietnam during the war. One day in the mail I received a small box instead of a letter. Inside was a giant water bug. At the time I was collecting bugs for a collection I started in high school. Both the bug and the boyfriend are long gone, but the memory remains. - Margy


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