Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Never the same twice

That's the sky in winter, here in BC.

Zig-zaggy clouds over Point Roberts

Leaden blue clouds and sun-kissed trees. 3:30 PM

I had stopped for coffee while I was grocery shopping, and sat facing the window. It had been a grey, windy day, sometimes raining, and the clouds were that moody blue that promises storms to com. But just as I sat down, the sun on the horizon lit up a row of trees across the street. Five minutes later, the show was over; the trees and the sky were all a dull grey.

A ray of purple light. 4:00 PM

Laurie loves to break the rules. Never shoot into the sun, they say. So he does. Here, the setting sun took a grungy piece of beach and made it magical.

Kanaka Creek

On a hillside over Kanaka Creek, just outside Golden Ears Park, rain on snow produces a heavy mist that leaches out all the colours and gives a too-crowded housing development a closed-in, abandoned look. The red lights in the distance are on the railway beside the creek.

A Skywatch post.


  1. Lovely photos. I love B.C.!

  2. Tell Laurie that the grungy beach looks beautiful with the sunlight hitting the ripples in the sand. - Margy

  3. love the colorful tower shot.

  4. Love the theme. Nice to find such patterns in nature.

  5. great collection of photos showing the change of lighting across the day and the moods it creates


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