Saturday, January 04, 2014

He never stopped running

I fed my carpet beetle larva generously with prime wool hairs from my carpet, and a filet of dried fish tail from the hermit crabs' treat shelf. And he looked happy enough in his pill bottle, wearing a red wool scarf and stuffing himself with fish.

But the minute I tipped him out, riding on his piece of fish, he abandoned it and took off running. The only time he slowed down was when he hit a little wall around the lid I'd moved him to. A few seconds later, he was up and over and racing for shelter.

I gave up.

Fat carpet beetle larva, momentarily paused.

I'm happy with my new flash gizmo, though; the whole length of the larva is evenly lighted, and there are no deep shadows, which I always got using only the ambient lighting and the on-camera flash.

Now, to find a critter more willing to sit still for me.

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