Wednesday, December 04, 2013


This photo always cheers me up:

"You were saying?"

It's an oldie, from 2009. I ran across it again tonight, sorting photos into some semblance of order. When my storage hard drive crashed, it took with it many of my photos, and corrupted many more. Then, transferring the remainder to a new storage drive, it crashed again, taking the new one with it mid-transfer. Even more photos got lost. Eventually I was able to rescue quite a few, higgledy-piggledy, without their original file folders. I'm even finding name changes, so that a photo of a beaded Mexican gourd was labelled "female scaup".

It's comforting to remember a summer afternoon, feeding a gull on the railing of the White Rock pier, one bite of old bread at a time.


  1. Computers seem to pick on you. Your hardware seems to have extraordinarily short life spans. Btw, external hard drives are much less reliable than internal ones. If you must keep your data on them, use a second one as a backup.

  2. Most of my problems are with peripherals and software, but I should probably also plan ahead and spend more money on the computer itself, instead of buying the tail end of a line on sale.

    This time, I was blaming the computer when it turned out to be the hard drive, which I've had for some time. And yes, I was too trusting.


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