Tuesday, December 03, 2013


I think I've got my computer whipped back into shape. Now I can get back to the good stuff. Like this tiny critter:

Unidentified, as yet. Something to look up on BugGuide. Very small. How small, I've forgotten. They'll know. 

And speaking of critters, here's an interesting article, with video, about how male spiders tie down their mates to avoid becoming supper.


  1. The bug is some species of bark louse (Psocoptera). I can tell that it's Psocomorpha, but that's as detailed as I can get from that angle (and not being directly familiar with North American psocops).

  2. Thanks, Christopher! Such an elegant little insect to saddle with a lousy English name. I'll see if I can find a local species on BugGuide.

  3. The closest I can find is Psocus crosbyi, which lives on this coast. I'll see what the BugGuide people say.


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