Monday, December 02, 2013

Oh, for an island of mine own!

And back before computers existed, too.

I am fighting a sulking, stubborn, unreasonable hard drive that wants to hog all my yummy photo files for itself and not share. I'm not giving up, but the island is tempting . . .

Somewhere in mid-channel, from the Tsawwassen-Schwartz Bay ferry.

These days, of course they have computers there, too. And internet access. No refuge anywhere!


  1. I understand!! Believe me, I do!! Mine is not hogging the photos, but making it so hard to access the internet...

  2. My old computer of 8 years works fine BUT is starting not to deal with some of the newest technology. Sigh. Which means I will probably have to bite the bullet and get a new one ... BUT my old one mostly serves my purposes. Thinking about it for my birthday in the New Year ... but holding out as long as I can.


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