Saturday, October 05, 2013

Mamma Isopod

A couple of eelgrass isopods came home with the seaweed I collected on our last visit to the beach. They don't usually do well in captivity; they're very picky as regards salinity and temperature, but I've been adjusting these several times a day, and at least one of them is doing fine. (They're really good at hiding in plain sight, so I don't know if the other is there or has been eaten.)

This afternoon, she was basking near the surface on a blade of eelgrass, so I transferred her to a bowl for a portrait session.

She clings to a blade of eelgrass, often without moving for hours.

She's a little over an inch long; the amphipod here is a large one, about 1 cm. long.

How do I know she's a female? She's got babies:

She broods her young, from eggs to larvae, in a pouch she holds under her belly. The young will eventually emerge as mini adults.

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