Sunday, September 22, 2013

September fields

Driving home from Chilliwack, I usually dodge the freeway and zigzag back to Delta, jogging south and west on almost empty farm roads. It's harvest time; yesterday afternoon, I passed field after field of bare soil or stubble, acres of vines dying back to expose the pumpkins underneath, barns surrounded by machinery and those huge silage "marshmallows". Farm markets and roadside stands feature tables and wagons of squash; I stopped at one and bought some end of the season black- and blueberries.

Corn stubble and boiling clouds.

Pumpkins, orange, green and white. At the back of the field, a crew was loading them into pickup trucks.

Old barn and trees turning colour under the shadow of more rain clouds.


  1. Love that first picture! I also love to drive through Sumas Prairie on the back roads. When I lived there we used to bike through. Could be smelly and windy at times though!

  2. Aren't the pumpkins wonderful????!!!


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