Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boat at mid-tide

Boundary Bay, as the tide comes in . . .

Looking southeast, towards the US border marker at the edge of the intertidal zone, from somewhere near the middle. The tideflats go out almost a mile here.

A Skywatch post


  1. What an amazing shot. This image tells a story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful background skies with wonderful shore puddles ... ideal for fossicking for sea-shells and other interesting sea-life.

  3. Looks beautiful. Is the marker the dot in the middle of the photo?

  4. Candace, Yes; it's a cement tower with a square yellow sign at the top.

    Diane, yes, if we get out to the mid-tide level in time, before the tide catches us, there are loads of critters and things out there.

  5. Now I see what you mean about the stranded boat in your other post. When I went to Baja at San Felipe, you could walk out on the flats when the tide went out just like this. You could see indentations on the bottom where they said sharks rested at high tide. - Margy


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