Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blogroll surfing

I haven't been able to settle down to anything today. I've been a scatter-brain, starting tasks and dropping them, reading half a short story and abandoning it, burning my soup, sorting a few photos and giving up, idly checking random blogs. At least that was productive; I found some interesting posts on my blogrolls. Check these out:

Adrian Thysse Photography: On the Head of a Pin &emdash;
My favourite, I think, is this one.

  • "... a sky full of poo ..." Christopher Taylor on Dung Beetles.

And here's one of my very tiny orange-limbed hermits:

"Punkin" in an algae-covered periwinkle shell, on a base of broken barnacles.


  1. sounds like you have Spring Fever!

    Saturday is West Coast Beach clean. I can hardly wait!!!

  2. Hey, thank you so much for the link here. I'm always so glad that people are still blogging.

  3. Robin Andrea, I'm always happy to find one of your posts, too.

    Upupaepops, will there be photos?


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