Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Forgotten photos

I've spent hours digging through my spare hard drive looking for a couple of photos for a post I'm working on. I've only found one, so far. Still, it wasn't wasted time; my files are more in order now, and I discovered some good photos that I'd forgotten I had.

Pacific forktail, Van Dusen Gardens, 2009

Merlin on a pole, 2009, I don't remember where.

Sasha, at 18 years old, now absent but sorely missed.

Turtles on a rock, Van Dusen Gardens

A very fuzzy photo of a shy mouse behind a flower pot. An outside mouse, not a house pest.

And just because I like it, crazy or not; garden string.

Tomorrow, photos or no photos, an ordinary fruit that suddenly turns out to be weird.

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