Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A very hairy springtail

Hopped in to visit:

One of the skinny springtails. Very jumpy.

I can't identify these little guys, but he's very much like the Entomobrya on this page.


  1. That really is a bug I do NOT know, tho' I've heard of them FOREVER. There WAS a cloud of SUPER super TINY things on our pickup 2 days ago, but I forgot to photograph them before it rained.

    I don't even know the scale of these tiny creatures, so if one landed in my coffee, I'd probably just think "ew" and "poor little bug."

    How big is that pup? (btw, AWESOME "guess" re: quiz--SO good, I'll have to wait to post. =) )

  2. This was a big guy; I forgot to take his photo with a ruler first, and then he jumped and was lost, but I was using my lens and he was still only a small critter in the centre of the field, so he can't have been more than about 5 mm.


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