Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tiny House Moving Co.

On the tide flats at Boundary Bay, on a whim, I video'd a little hermit out for a walk, like us. There's no plot, just a little beastie hauling his house from here to there.

YouTube and Picasa weren't agreeing on this. I deleted the finished video, re-built it, re-saved, re-uploaded three times; each time it worked fine in Picasa, but as soon as YouTube got it, it shortened the time that it shows text. So the title almost entirely disappears, and the explanation is for fast readers. I gave up this AM, about 4 o'clock. Sorry.

(The third screen says, "Hermit crabs, having a heavy house to move, push it backwards, drag it, spin it. Whatever works.)

(Of course, YouTube may work for you; these alien intelligences are funny that way.)



  1. =) Cute. The pause button worked just fine. Nicely done.

  2. el kowal10:02 pm

    cute :)


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