Monday, May 28, 2012

Life's a beach

Random photos from a happy afternoon on the beach:

Centennial Beach duck pond, beach watchers, and a kite.

A mile of sand, a bit of water, Crescent Beach, and Mount Baker

Teenagers digging a hole. Or making a mountain of sand.

Seaweed and eelgrass in ankle-deep water.

Out where the water was knee-deep, I saw this large, pink starfish.

Most of our starfish are purple or orange; I thought, at first, that this one must have been dead and fading. But no; he was very much alive, eating a clam, which he dropped when I dangled him out of the water. He squirmed and waved his tube feet around, trying to get away. I put him back as soon as Laurie took his photo.

Long, creamy yellow tube feet.

Back at the duck pond, the yellow irises are blooming.

The mystery plant of two weeks ago turned out to be an alium. Kate and Upupaepops were right.

Red sorrel, beach pea, plantain, etc., on a driftwood log.

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  1. Love the logs and iris. The weather still has a few hiccups, but I think summer is on the way. - Margy


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