Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Two by two

Valentine's Day is almost here, and the birds at Boundary bay are in the mood already:

Matching outfits

The singer, with his shy mate in the background

Of one mind

"Come and sit by me!"

Side by side

Along the Ladner Trunk Road, an eagle pair was sitting in a tree next to last year's nest, discussing upgrades.

And a lonely chickadee, still without his mate, called out, over and over, "Here, sweetie! Here, sweetie!"

Last year, in a blackberry bush by the dike, a small bird decorated her nest with pages from a book. We found it this afternoon, bleached and torn, but still recognizable.

"Our babies will grow up with everything they need; berries, butterflies and books, too!"


  1. Oh dear, I love the books pages,

    could you tell what book it was?

    Sweetie Sweeeetie, one of the best signs of Spring

  2. Where did our sun go? Maybe the birds know it will soon be back. - Margy


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