Sunday, February 26, 2012

Substitute eagle

None of the eagles were in their customary trees at Centennial Beach last week. Insted, in the tallest, a little merlin stood guard.

King of the castle, for now

It makes me wonder; crows chase eagles away, even though they're a bit less than half the size of one. Do the eagles also shun hawks? Have I ever seen an eagle and a hawk in neighbouring trees? I don't remember. Do you?


  1. I had a feeder station when I lived south of Seattle. I had a Merlin visit one day and sit , watching , on a fence. The Crows went bonkers and did a lot to yell and harrass the Merlin, but they really kept a respctful talons length from it. Crows never reacted to Sharpie when they were in the feeder area, would call and fuss over Cooper.

    It really appeared as if they had a ring boundry around the Merlin they would not enter. I dont think any got closer than 5 feet. But they were VERY aggitated

    On the opposite side, a co-worker had a mob of Crows kill a Coopers Hawk in his front yeard. He brought the bird in so I could take it down to Dennis Paulson at the PLU Museum. The bird was in perfect body condition and only showed some bleeding from the lungs ( trachea)

  2. I've seen hawks, and I've seen eagles, but I've never seen hawks and eagles together. - Margy


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