Monday, January 23, 2012

A rainy season grumble

Weather! A BC winter, at it's nastiest. Rain on Friday washed away most of our snow, left the lawn full of slush. Saturday was windy and far too cold for poking around the beach. Sunday, it poured rain. They're promising us more rain for the next week, and there's a wind warning for the Vancouver area for today.

We're getting cabin fever already.

And to think; just a week ago, these were our skies:

An eagle basking in the sunshine. White Rock beach.

Crows, rocks, paddleboarders under fluffy clouds. White Rock.

There's ice on the water, but the sun warms us. Cougar Creek.

Reflections of bare alders, blue and white sky. Cougar Creek.

I'm hoping the weather people got it wrong again. Another week of rain, and I'll start to mildew.

A Skywatch post.


  1. I spent a glorious weekend at Long Beach doing beach clean-up

    The wind was fierce on saturday with some episodes of ~40-50 mph gusts.

    Thankfully it was above 40 the whole time, I am sure I could not have stood it if not.

    It was part of the experience.

    Now we get a week of dreary, I will hold the moments of blue sky inside, awaiting the next reward.

  2. Sounds like a carbon copy of the weather down here. Did you get the big windstorm on Sunday?

  3. For me, cabin fever is when I can't get to the cabin. LOL -- Margy

  4. Margy, Well, yes. I never got cabin fever, even in the longest winters in my log cabin up north. It's here that it hits hard.

    I'm still green with envy over your morning shadows.


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