Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back-door diner

It's been raining steadily since Sunday, and it will keep it up all week, according to the weather people. It was too wet to feed my birds on their usual tray. They don't appear to mind, but to me, it doesn't seem right to pile seed in a puddle, so I put a couple of handfuls of sunflower seed on a broken chair by the door and the small stuff around it on the dry ground.

Then I stood a couple of feet away, at the door, with a camera.

The juncos, assorted sparrows, and towhees didn't appreciate this; they stayed out on the lawn until I'd given up. But chickadees are supremely self-confident; they sized up the situation, decided I was inoffensive enough (anyhow, they were quicker than any lumbering old human) and then went to work hauling the goodies out to the cedars to be shelled and eaten.

Dropping in

"Hello up there!"

"What's for dinner?"

"This one's a good size."

"Thanks! Bye, now!"

You're welcome, little one.


  1. they will be eating from your hand in no time

    I have the week off and the weather is not helping my gloomy mood.

    But I will go to Nisqually NWR today simply to walk on the moody dikes and look for something fun.

    that is why they make rain ponchos


  2. At the feeders, the Steller's Jays are noisy and aggressive but they hightail it if I am anywhere in sight. They are really big cowards. When I restock the feeders, the Chickadees will come right up and give me a good talking-to. Apparently, I am not working fast enough to suit them. Enjoyed the post and the common experience.

  3. Upupaepops; rain doesn't bother me too much; the greyness does. But with rain gear, and warm clothes underneath, walking on the shore is a mood lifter. Hope your day is fun!

    Dave, yes, the chickadees are great whip-crackers!

  4. Sometimes Mom's Chickadees don't even leave the feeder when I go out the door. Hungry little buggers! But they are fun for her to watch in the morning if she wakes up early before I arrive to get the day started. Like TV on the wing. - Margy

  5. A great chickadee description... "supremely self confident"! Too funny.

  6. Your chickadees are sweet! It is raining here too. I've got my hummingbird feeder hung where they don't get wet while feeding. Poor little guys. But we do need the rain. Our Dec rainfall is way below normal.


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