Tuesday, December 27, 2011

His heart's in the right place

'Tis the season to be wacky ...

Ginger Santa

Found beltless, hatless, and beardless in the bin at the supermarket. He begged to come home with me. Would have held out his arms to me, if he'd had any.

For Clytie; look for the heart, where it's supposed to be.


  1. Wacky, yes, but also quite sweet. You know, for a rhizome.

    I almost drove off the road once when I saw the mangled and soiled legs of Santa sticking out of a garbage bin at the old folks' home. (I hope it was 'a' Santa, rather than 'the' Santa.)

  2. Snail, that would have been a shock. I think "the" Santa is safe; he's too quick to catch.

  3. it is T-Rex Santa



  4. I'm giggling so hard over this one, Susannah! I see the heart! And another one! PERFECT!

    We may have to change the song - "Rhizome Man is Coming to Towwwwnn"! I wonder if he will be eating any "ginger"bread cookies???? Ack!!!

  5. I had a carrot man from my garden a few years back that would have made a good friend for ginger Santa. Root veggies can get some really weird shapes. - Margy


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