Sunday, November 06, 2011

November colours

It's changeover time; neither winter nor summer, but with bits of both. When and where the sun shines, it's warm, even too warm. Step into the shade, and you start to shiver. One minute, I'm wearing a tuque and gloves, the next, I'm shedding my sweater.

Down at the beach, the water is an icy blue, and numbs my toes in an instant. (Yes, I went wading today. I had to get fresh sea water for my critters. The sacrifices I make for them! I hope they appreciate it!)  Ice clouds float high in the sky; beneath them, between cold sky and cold water, Mount Baker flaunts her fresh snow cap.

Mount Baker, November 5.

The trees rebel, turning cool green leaves into flames, red, yellow, orange. I feel warm, just looking at them.

Cottonwood, Centennial Beach.

Summer is still with us, in bits and pieces.

From the pale warmth at the center of a hawkweed seed head...

to the miniature sun of a marigold among the weeds. White Rock beach.

Evergreens, maples and cottonwood, Cougar Creek Park.

Varied thrush, Cougar Creek.

Fallen big-leaf maple leaves, glowing in the setting sun.

Cottonwood and willow. Duck pond, Centennial Beach.

Dying reeds, reflected in the duck pond.

This afternoon, I was surprised to find these flowers still going strong in a boulevard at Beach Grove.

Strawberry tree fruit. It's edible, but I haven't tried it. The birds will eat these.

Let it freeze! There are red maples in the parking lots!

A Skywatch post.


  1. Ahh it was a wonderful day.

    Your reed reflection photo is wonderful

  2. Just beautiful as always

  3. What a wonderful day!!!
    I like how Mt. Baker seems to float between the land and sky ...

    And that reed reflection shot made me gasp!!!

    Your creatures would tell you if they could how much they appreciate your sacrifices for them! :=}

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention ... we have a couple of strawberry trees here, and my sister loves to eat them! The only complaint she has is they are a little bland, and they have lots and lots of little seeds.

  5. I really like the reed reflections. Maybe you have a suggestion for me. I plan to come north on Saturday to spend the night before picking up my husband at the airport early on Sunday morning. Can you think of a fun place for me to stay that might not be full on a holiday weekend? - Margy

  6. Thanks, all!

    I'll try them next time I get a chance, Clytie.

    Margy, I'll e-mail you.


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