Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Cold weather babies

Looking under fallen, rained-on, rotting maple leaves for tiny flies to feed tinier spiders, I found a couple of snails instead:

This was the big one. 4 millimeters, eyes to back bumper.

And this pupa or egg case, under 2 mm. across, was sandwiched between two leaves. (This was four days ago; I looked at it again tonight, and the casing seems to have thinned, and I can see segments inside. I think it's a pupa. I hope it hatches.)

Almost flying-saucer shaped, then. Now it's longer, and brown at the tip. 

And the spiders got three miniature golden flies or wasps.

I'm still working on evil mussels. Story tomorrow, I think.


  1. Thanks for showing us these easily-overlooked wonders.

  2. My Allogona / Oregon Land Snail babies are slowly making their way back to their parent woods.

    Snailettes of all sizes. I love watching them in their terrarium.

  3. I've always loved snails, and when I find them in the garden, I remove them and put them elsewhere.

    I will have to look more closely at them and their surroundings now!!!


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