Thursday, October 20, 2011

There's always tomorrow

I've spent hours over the last three days, taking photos of a limpet. One limpet only. But a pretty special limpet it is; more like a small city. Trouble is, I haven't got a single good photo yet, and my head is aching.

I'll try again tomorrow; I'm determined to show you this critter!

For now, have a slightly insane crab.

She has decided to sleep jammed between the big pump and filter and the wall, well off the bottom. She's even tipped the filter over! She wedges herself in tightly, then does push-ups.

A more "normal" crab pose, begging for food. That's my happy anemone behind her, feeding.

And I'm going to bed. I'll invent a new technique for limpets tomorrow, when my head is clear.


  1. Your crab's antics made me giggle! Maybe he's entranced with his own reflection? I know I am!!!

  2. I read this article yesterday:

    Perhaps immortal isn't the right word, but with cloning quite prevalent in the anemone world, that little anemone behind your crab could be older than you (or at least its genetic fingerprint might be).

  3. When you do get a shot I bet it will be outstanding.- Margy

  4. Great photos. Sorry to comment less recently; so tied up with my book, but I do pop over every now and again.

    I found a new nature reserve today - hundreds of dragonflies, even in late October. I like finds like that.


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